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Designing Your Dream Home

by Posted on January 3, 2022

Custom Dream Home by WD Smith

Designing your dream home does sound exciting. You may already have an idea of what design you want and are itching to do it yourself. However, it is advisable to leave the design in the hands of a professional. You can work with the builder, the architect, and the designer as soon as you start with the planning stage.

The first thing you need to do is to have a clear understanding of what custom house building entails. It is best to note not to leave decisions on important things at the last minute. Planning ahead will help your custom home building project be successful.

Here are some tips you can put to use when designing your home:

1. Start Making Plans in a Simple Way

It’s not really necessary to use fancy software to create your custom home plan. A pencil and a piece of paper will do. You can sketch or draft your design ideas that the design team can use as a reference.

2. Consider the Future

If you happen to be still single, you need to take into consideration whether you plan to raise a family in the future. Or if you already have a family, you need to consider what your children need in the near future.

There are other factors that should come into play before you start designing your home. Do you have aging parents who will be living with you at some point? Do you have frequent or occasional guests who may crash for a night or two? Do you like hosting parties or small get-togethers? Do you work from home?

The number of rooms, the architectural style, and other amenities you wish to include in your custom home all depend on your lifestyle today and the foreseeable future.

3. Maximize the Land and Showcase Location

Buying land where you will be building a home is all part of the custom home building process. When designing your home, make sure you consider the shape and size of the lot as well as the best features. If, for example, the land is nestled in a beautiful landscape, you can consider having your living room or a veranda situated where it will have a clear view of the surroundings. Or you can have your living room facing the direction where the sun rises.

Make sure your home design utilizes and maximizes all features that the lot and the location offer. 

4. Which Dream Home Features Should be a Priority

Once you have a rough idea of what your home should look like, you can start prioritizing the features for your dream house. Your design ideas can end up over the budget if you go beyond what is necessary. Of course, you would want the best materials but you should know what is the most important feature of your design. 

5. Think About Function and Flow

When you start working with a designer, you may discuss the location of rooms. Make sure you consider how household members will function in each space. For example, if you have a family who loves to hang around the kitchen the most, you can consider an open floor plan to make it easy to flow between the living room and the kitchen. Sleeping areas should be away from noises so it is advisable to have bedrooms situated far from communal areas of your home.

6. Energy Efficiency

Natural lighting helps save energy so your design should be able to allow natural light to flow into your home. Your design should also include a way to keep the house warm during cold weather and keep it cool during warm weather.

7. Flexibility

Of course, one reason why you opted to have a custom home built is that you want to have the option of adding rooms or you want to have a home open for possible renovations. Your design should be flexible enough should you want to make changes in the future.

Designing your custom dream home is all part of a bigger picture. It is one of the steps included in your custom home-building journey. It should not be a DIY project but it doesn’t mean you can’t work with your builder and the design team. WD Smith Construction will be more than happy to help you with your custom home building project. Get in touch today to get a quote on your dream home.