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Custom Home and Home Remodel Design Tips

by Posted on March 16, 2019

Our Home Remodel Design Tips

As I’ve had the opportunity to build and remodel many different types, styles, and prices of homes in the Triangle, I’ve learned that it’s often the things that are not regularly considered that can make a great home a dream home, regardless of what you spend. I’ve taken a few of those elements to consider and put them in this post with hopes that it will help you in your design, remodel or build process.

Bring the Outside In

A home that is well-designed brings the outside in. A well-placed window or doorway makes the interior space feel less constricted and more connected to nature. Because much of what makes North Carolina beautiful, and specifically the Triangle beautiful is the nature that surrounds it. Raleigh is not called “The City of Oaks” for no reason. Frank Lloyd Wright, an early 20th century American architect, was known for designing homes that made the owner feel like the home was in harmony with its natural surroundings. Design your home to incorporate the natural beauty around it. Also, you do not need acres and acres to accomplish this. We can help leverage this in any design or situation.

Flow of Traffic

An often overlooked concept is how people will move throughout the house. As you walk through a home that has caught your eye notice the pathways you will have to take to get from point A to point B. Will people need to cut through the kitchen work area to go from one room to another? What is the path for unloading groceries? Will the best place for your couch block your path from the kitchen to the half bathroom? Understanding the flow of traffic in your home and engineering it to be natural and un-interruptive is critical to making your dream home.

Where Do You Put All the Shoes and Bags?

Everyone wears shoes, and everyone uses grocery bags. But not every home is designed in such a way that it makes sense where something as simple as bags are placed.
I’m often amazed to see homes with a huge formal entry paired with a tiny mudroom shoved almost haphazardly between the kitchen and the garage. Some designers and builders even think it’s a good idea to put the washer and dryer there, too! Why not create a large mudroom and minimize the front entry? In fact, all space in your home should serve a purpose.

Consider a “Smart Home”

No, I’m not talking about a house filled with Apple products. Sarah Susanka, the author of “The Not So Big House,” encourages people to build smaller and smarter. A well-designed home is not necessarily the biggest house on the block with the grandest entryway. Rather, it is the one that uses space in the smartest way possible. These homes incorporate built-in storage areas and eliminate spaces that no one uses. And by building fewer square feet, you can add character elements and detailing that enrich the quality of the home. I highly recommend you read this book and decide if you can build smarter, not bigger.

Connected Homes

With that said, in todays day and age of connected homes and lives, taking this into consideration in the design phase is very important. Seamlessly integrating a connected home system can enhance your home experience (if that’s your thing!). There are so very many devices and new technologies for the home through Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.., but integrating them properly, without the system feeling like it is ‘stapled’ on to the home plan requires consideration before you make that first hammer swing! W.D. Smith Construction can help in your decision making process related to have a connected home!

At W.D. Smith Construction we are passionate about good design. We believe that good design doesn’t just happen, it’s intentional, thought-out, and specific. If you are considering a remodel or custom home, please consider W.D. Smith Construction, we promise you will not be disappointed.

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