Termite Damage Repair

by W.D. Smith Construction

Termite repair and remediation by one of the top home remodelers in the Triangle.  We don't just patch it, we make it better!

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Step 1. - Get rid of the infestation.

THE URGE TO repair damage caused by termites can be as strong as the urge to get rid of the pests themselves. The best first step is to step back, giving pest control professionals the opportunity to ensure that the infestation has been fully eliminated and that the structure is protected from future infestations. These crucial early steps will prevent the need for more, costly repairs down the line.

Step 2. - Identify and estimate the solution.

AFTER ENSURING THAT your structure is free of termites and risks of future infestation, existing damage should be repaired. W.D. Smith Construction can provide you a fast and accurate assessment for repairing the damage.

Step 3. - Make it the same or better than before.

Once you have decided on a solution (don't worry we will walk you through this process) W.D. Smith Construction gets to work.  Our promise to you is that the remediation will be at least as good as it once was.  This may even be an opportunity to do that project you have been dreaming of! We can help you find a silver lining in what is stressful and undesirable repair to your home.  

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