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Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Cost to Remodel Raleigh Bathroom

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom? You may have been daydreaming about upgrading your bathroom for a while now. With so many remodeling shoes on TV, a completely redesigned bathroom now seems more accessible than ever. Of course, daydreaming about it and actually building it are two very different things. How much […]
Unique Tile Flooring

Reimagining Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms can, inadvertantly, become one of the biggest places you collect clutter! But, in fairness it’s not necessarily because we are messy people, or just like to keep clutter, it’s because traditionally bathrooms are designed with, at best, limited storage. Most bathroom storage consists of a large open space under the sink, which doesn’t work […]
Bathroom vanity installation tips

Bathroom Vanities // 4 Pro-Tips

Bathroom vanities are a wonderful way to spruce up your bathroom. When chosen correctly, vanities add style, storage, and functionality to your remodeled space. Here are 4 tips for choosing the right bathroom vanities for you! 1. Space for your bathroom vanities For vanities that pop, first find out how much space you have to […]