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If you have a plot of land that you love and you’re wondering how to get started building your dream home, W.D. Smith Construction is here to help! Whether you're a veteran of the building process or ready for your first custom home, you can count on W.D. Smith Construction to create the custom home of your dreams, on the beautiful lot that you already own. With countless home plans from which to choose and customize, you're sure to find the right fit for your lot and your lifestyle. Or perhaps you have your own plans and we can do that too! Whether you are looking for a modern, craftsman, country, or colonial W.D. Smith Construction can build it!

It Begins With Your Land...

The first Step is to walk your land and start dreaming and brainstorming a good location for the home. Sometimes, the lay of the land, features, or size can help dictate where you want, or are able to build the home. We can initiate a full survey if it has not already been done and make sure you have the very best spot for your home. You're only building it once, so let's get it right!

I. Survey

Survey the land and identify any potential problems or feature points.

II. Selection

Find the best location on your land for your new home.


This is the first step in building your W.D. Smith Construction Home. We will agree on an initial price estimate and start the process of evaluating the property on which we will build your home.


This step involves choosing the main structural components of your new home that need to be identified early on for permitting that will indicate the overall structure and style of your dream home.


At this point, you may meet with one of our preferred lenders or a bank of your choice to put your financing together and obtain final unconditional loan approval.


W.D. Smith Construction will help you select different aspects of your home through a process of visiting vendors, reviewing sample materials, and plugging them into your design plan.


The pathway continues with the signing of a purchase agreement and other important documents. All forms and attachments will be signed for the agreement.


During this phase W.D. Smith Construction continues with our tried and true approach of quality construction, regular communications & approvals, phased, on-time schedule completions.


Once your new home is complete, we will demonstrate how to care for it and how your warranty will protect your investment.


To complete the process of transferring the home into your name, you will meet with your escrow officer and sign your loan documents. The loan will then be funded, and the county will record the title.


W.D. Smith will meet with you for the final sign off of your new home and the receipt of your keys!

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to get started in the process of building your dream home on your land? Or do you simply have questions about the process, from costs, to timing to other expectations? If so we would be happy to help answer the questions! Give us a call (919-868-4920) or fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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