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Reimagining Bathroom Storage

by Posted on February 20, 2018

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Bathrooms can, inadvertantly, become one of the biggest places you collect clutter! But, in fairness it’s not necessarily because we are messy people, or just like to keep clutter, it’s because traditionally bathrooms are designed with, at best, limited storage. Most bathroom storage consists of a large open space under the sink, which doesn’t work very well for storing small, and often oddly shaped items like perfume bottles, hair dryers and medicines. Add the desire to keep frequently used items out in the open (think toothbrushes) and you’ll find a cluttered bathroom countertop in almost any home in America.

Most bathroom vanities that you may come across are basically just open cabinets with one or two large doors; which does not scream organization! Plumbing does cause some consideration in design – but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a drawer or two.

bathroom organization Add Dividers –Imagine… all of your hair styling tools and cosmetics organized and within reach. It can be done! Just take it a step further with drawer dividers and compartmentalized storage. BUT… while we are giving you the green light, it’s important to do your homework first.

“hers” side of the master bathroom vanity includes sink and makeup tableInsert Pull Outs – Who says pull out spice racks are just for the kitchen? They work just as well for bathrooms — especially for smaller items like medicine bottles, deodorants and nail polish. Pull out hampers are also a good idea.

Tuck Away Trash – While all bathrooms need a garbage can, it doesn’t need to be this unsightly thing. Instead, you can sometimes install a small one to the back of the cabinet .

You Can Hang– Hang up some shelving. From a practical standpoint it’s great for storing linens. But, it can also provide a way to display decorative items without looking cluttered.

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