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Be on the same page: advice to couples for your renovation project

by Posted on November 15, 2017

Let’s face it. While the end product of a home renovation can add much to your life and home, the journey to get there can be fraught with pitfalls and problems for relationships. Having candid discussions and practicing a few of these tips can help you avoid unneeded stress caused by a home remodel on your relationship.

Budget Conversation

Before you make any design decisions the first decision you need to make is what you want to spend. Because people end up changing their minds along the way and compromising it’s often good to determine two budget numbers, your target goal, and your line in the sand budget. Your target is your plan, what you hope to spend and are shooting to spend, and the line in the sand is an uncompromising number. Make sure you and your partner discuss this first!

Take A Vacation (Or Staycation)

Plan for a few weekends away, even if you don’t leave the city, during the project to give your relationship a break from the job site. whether it is staying in a hotel downtown, or out of town – getting away from the noise can be just what your relationship needs during a renovation.

Consider both attending all the big meetings but making one person the designated contact. It saves time and is less confusing. But, when it comes to the initial decision-making meetings, it’s always good for both homeowners to be present, otherwise you may end up re-doing items.

Style Advice

Sure, some couples are on the same page when it comes to home style. But more often than not, there’s a chasm to be bridged. Having someone else in the decision making process can help introduce new ideas as well as help bring both of you together. WD Smith is always ready to lend you some advice on style decision making, or point you in the direction of another design professional.

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