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Understanding the Timeline: How Long Does It Take to Remodel a Kitchen?

by Posted on November 2, 2023

New Cabinetry and Floors added to remodel a kitchen


Embarking on a kitchen remodel can be one of the most exciting home improvement projects. Not only does it breathe new life into your home, but it also enhances its value and functionality. At WD Smith Construction, we specialize in transforming your kitchen dreams into reality, ensuring every detail reflects your personal style and meets your needs.

The Planning Phase

The journey to your dream kitchen begins with a solid plan. This initial stage typically spans several weeks and involves consultations, exploring design options, and finalizing the layout. Securing permits can also contribute to this timeframe, so it’s crucial to factor in this administrative step.

Demolition and Structural Changes

Once the plan is set, demolition kicks off the physical work. This phase can take a few days to a week, depending on the extent of the work. If you’re knocking down walls or making structural changes, this could extend the timeline due to the complexity and safety considerations involved.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

The hidden elements of your kitchen—plumbing and electrical systems—require careful attention. This stage can take one to two weeks, including the time for necessary inspections. Experienced contractors like WD Smith Construction understand the importance of this phase and how to efficiently navigate it.

Drywall and Flooring

Installing drywall and laying new flooring are pivotal steps in seeing your kitchen take shape. This process can take a week or two, influenced by the drying time for the joint compound and the type of flooring you choose.

Cabinetry and Countertops

The most impactful features of a kitchen remodel, cabinetry and countertops can take several weeks from order to installation. Custom designs require more time but offer a unique, tailored look for your space.

Finishing Touches

The final layer of paint, the backsplash installation, and the addition of fixtures and hardware are the finishing touches that personalize your kitchen. This stage can be completed within a week, provided all materials are on hand.

How Long to Remodel a Small Kitchen?

A smaller kitchen can often mean a shorter remodel time. With less square footage, tasks like flooring and cabinetry can be completed more quickly. However, the same planning and detail go into a small kitchen remodel to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Factors That Can Affect the Timeline to Remodel a Kitchen

Customization and Design Complexity

The more customized and complex your design, the longer the home remodel may take. Custom elements like handcrafted tiles or specialty countertops have longer lead times for production and delivery. Additionally, intricate design features may require more time for installation and detailing.

Material Availability and Delivery

The availability of materials can significantly impact your project timeline. Popular items or those that are in short supply due to high demand or manufacturing delays can set back your schedule. It’s essential to choose materials and finalize selections early to avoid such delays.

Contractor Schedules and Workload

The schedule of your contractor can also play a role in your the time to remodel a kitchen. A contractor like WD Smith Construction with a well-coordinated team can work efficiently, but during peak seasons, the demand for skilled labor can affect availability. Planning your remodel during off-peak times can sometimes result in a quicker turnaround.

Permitting and Inspections

Securing the necessary permits and passing inspections are critical steps that can add time to your remodel. The pace of these processes varies by location and the current workload of local building departments. Experienced contractors will navigate these steps with efficiency, but some waiting periods are inevitable.

Unforeseen Structural Issues

Once demolition begins, hidden issues may come to light, such as water damage or outdated wiring that must be addressed. These unexpected discoveries can extend the timeline as they require additional work to ensure your kitchen is safe and up to code.

Change Orders

Changes to the original plan, known as change orders, can occur if you decide to alter materials or design elements mid-project. While WD Smith Construction accommodates such requests, they can lead to additional time for reordering materials and revising the work schedule.

Weather and Seasonal Influences

For projects that require exterior work or those affected by weather conditions, such as painting or material delivery, the season can affect your timeline. Inclement weather can delay tasks that are crucial to the project’s progression.

Client Responsiveness and Decision-Making

The speed at which you make decisions, the client, can also affect the time to remodel a kitchen. Prompt feedback and quick decision-making on design approvals, material selections, and other details can keep the project moving forward without unnecessary pauses.


Understanding the timeline for a kitchen remodel helps set realistic expectations and allows for a smoother renovation experience. With proper planning and a skilled team, your kitchen transformation can be a rewarding journey.

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