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Home Renovations: Choosing Colors for a Spa Bathroom

by Posted on March 15, 2020

his and her sinks in Raleigh Bathroom renovation

A spa bathroom is the dream of many home renovators. Home owners are looking for a retreat from the chaos and noise of the outside world, somewhere they can refresh and revitalize themselves, somewhere private and soothing.

There are a range of specialty fixtures geared towards achieving a spa bathroom. Jetted tubs, rain or steam showers, bidets and towel warmers are all features at home in a spa bathroom. Construction and finishing choices also come into play. Heated floors, soundproofing, clean uncluttered storage and luxurious tiles add to a relaxing spa-like atmosphere.

Finally, color choice is vital. Let the color scheme both inform and harmonize with the overall feel of the spa bathroom. There are many choices but three classic schemes seem to epitomize the spa bathroom feel so many people seek.

1. Hotel Chic – White

Inspired by the sparkling white towels found in luxury hotels and spas, a white scheme is elegant and timeless. The key to making a monochrome scheme like white work is to vary textures. White natural pebble tiles make a beautiful and soothing floor for the shower.  A lightly veined white marble is a classic and practical choice for a vanity top or floor tile. Cabinetry can be high gloss, or matte with nickel or crystal cabinet pulls adding a little bling. Accessories can include fresh white lilies, scented soaps and crystal or milk glass decanters for hand creams and perfumes.

2. Ocean Fresh – Soft Blue and Greens

This color scheme takes its inspiration from water and the seaside location of many dream spas. The key with this color scheme is softness. Choosing colors that are too bright will not be soothing. The main fixtures (bath and toilet) in a scheme like this will still be white, but consider a blue glass vessel sink to enhance the ocean feel. This scheme is suited to one of the many choices of mosaic tiles available. A luxurious (and expensive) choice is to tile the entire bathroom in a watery mosaic; however a money saving option is to use the mosaic on a feature, such as the shower or backsplash and use modestly priced subway tiles for the rest of the bathroom.

2. Mountain Chalet– Natural Earth Tones and Wood

The key word here is wood. Let the cabinetry be solid wood with the grain showing. Choose rich earth tones for towels and accessories. Even your floor and tiling scheme can reflect the warmth of natural wood. While a wooden floor is not a good choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, there are many superb wood-look ceramic and porcelain tiles that will give your bathroom the feel of a private chalet in the mountains. If you have the room, you might even consider a relaxing cedar sauna. If not, cedar bath mats add both function and fragrance to a mountain spa themed bathroom.

Your theme and color scheme should of course, match the rest of your house. By choosing a scheme that reflects your tastes and the feel you aspire to, you will have the spa bathroom of your dreams.