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Have You Considered a Custom Barndominium?

by Posted on November 15, 2021

Kitchen in a barndominium overlooking the horse ranch with nature views

Anyone who hasn’t heard of a barndimonium will think it sounds like a combination of a ‘barn’ and a ‘condominium.’ That is not far from the truth. It is a barn that has been converted to, or combined with a living space.

Imagine an interior of a regular home with a large space below or around it which can be used as a barn, or a workshop, or a space for hobbies. The exterior resembles a barn or a warehouse or a storage building.

If you look it up, the common definition you will find is that it is a steel building designed as a barn or a storage space with a living quarter. However, not all barndominiums, or barndos for short, are made of steel. Wooden barndos are not exactly uncommon. They are as popular as steel barndos. 

Barndominiums have actually become a popular trend amongst home owners. More and more people prefer them over traditional homes for a number of reasons. 

What Makes Barndominiums Popular?

The demand for barndominiums is high among regions where a lot of people own horses. But in some areas, barndos are built because people simply like a more rustic style. It is simple, pretty, and ideal for those who prefer a minimalist look.

Other reasons that makes barndominiums a popular choice for homebuyers are:

1) Versatility. Barndominiums can be customized to fit various purposes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a home. The space can be used as a restaurant, a shop, or even an activity center. Because of its flexibility, you can design a barndo anyway you like it.

2) Easy to build. The time frame in constructing a barndominium is far shorter than building a traditional home. 

3) Durability. Barndonimiums are built to be sturdy and long-lasting. There is little risk of rotting and it won’t combust. Steel barndos are resistant to pests like termites. 

4) Cost-effective. Compared to a conventional or traditional home, barndominiums are cheaper. There are bandominium kits available if you prefer to build them yourself. Hiring a bandominium builder won’t cost much either.

5) Variety of designs. Barndos come in many designs you can choose from. Some designs are energy efficient with large windows for solar heating. 

How are Barndominiums Built?

If you have a remarkable DIY ability, you can build a barndominium yourself. There are kits you can buy that are easy to customize. 

Many homeowners opt to hire a professional builder. How it’s built depends on the homeowner’s budget and preference. Some barndominiums are built from an old barn. The downside of this process is if the barn is nearly derelict. Frames will need to be reconstructed if that is the case.

Building a new barndominium involves three phases: the slab or concrete foundation, the metal or wood frame, and the interior or living area build-out.

The length of time to build a barndominium depends on the design. Converted or newly constructed barndos can take as long as 6 months to complete the project. Prefabricated barndominiums can take less time to finish. 

If your dream home is a new wooden barndominium, contact WD Smith Construction of Raleigh, NC. Their team builds custom wooden barndos that can suit a wide variety of needs.