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Choosing a Counter Top Material for a Bathroom Remodel

by Posted on June 21, 2019

choosing a countertop for a bathroom remodel

The countertops in your bathroom are a focal point of the space, drawing the attention of the eye for all who enter this room. Clearly, you want to find a stylish material to use for your countertops for your bathroom remodel project, but this material also needs to be durable and functional. After all, it must be impermeable to water and able to withstand exposure to everything from soap to cosmetics. There are several materials that are most commonly when remodeling a bathroom, and each has its pros and cons.


This is a solid material that is popular because it is durable and has low maintenance requirements. It can become scratched, but scratches are easily buffed out. It can withstand heat well. The cost of quartzite is on the high end.

Granite and Marble

These are among the most popular options for bathroom counters because of their look and durability. The cost of both is similar to that of quartzite. These materials can handle exposure to heat and wear, but they can be damaged when exposed to acidic substances, such as harsh cleansers. Granite typically must be sealed every year or two for the best results. A key difference between these two materials is that marble can stain easily whereas granite is impermeable to stains.


Some homeowners will create a tile mosaic or another pattern with tiles for stunning results in the space. They may also choose granite tiles because the tiles are more affordable than a slab counter top. This is a more affordable yet still stylish option to consider. There are many colors, styles and patterns to choose from, which gives you the control to completely customize your space. Grout lines, however, can be difficult to keep clean, and the surface may need to be sealed and professionally cleaned periodically.


If you are looking for an affordable option, laminate may be the way to go. There are now numerous finishes available that give laminate the look of everything from granite to marble and more. This is a durable material that is stain-proof and waterproof, but it can burn and become dented or scratched.

Your bathroom remodel budget will likely help you to narrow down the options of countertops to a degree, but then, you will need to compare functional factors such as durability and maintenance requirements to make a final decision. With so many wonderful options to consider, you will not be disappointed with the selection of countertop materials available.