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Bathroom Vanities // 4 Pro-Tips

by Posted on January 14, 2018

Bathroom vanity installation tips

Bathroom vanities are a wonderful way to spruce up your bathroom. When chosen correctly, vanities add style, storage, and functionality to your remodeled space. Here are 4 tips for choosing the right bathroom vanities for you!

1. Space for your bathroom vanities

For vanities that pop, first find out how much space you have to work with. Determine which pieces in your bathroom remodel are the most important to you. If you want a jacuzzi tub or a large shower in a tight space, for example, consider choosing a smaller vanity that makes your space feel less crowded.

2. Usage of your bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities can provide unique storage and functional solutions in your remodel. Vanities with cabinet doors could provide safety features for curious little ones. Vanities with open shelving could make your small bathroom feel larger, and drawers allow for easy access to toiletries. Find out the functional needs of your space and choose your vanities accordingly.

3. Style of your bathroom vanities

It is no doubt that form normally follows function! Once you have determined the right size and usage for you bathroom vanity, consider what style bathroom remodel you desire and how your new vanity could compliment that. If you think through your style categorically, you might consider modern, vintage, or minimalistic styles. If you are determining your style more broadly, you might consider the lines, textures, and colors you want for your new bathroom. Either way, your vanity should play a distinct role in the overarching theme of your remodeled space.

4. Cost of your bathroom vanities

Price, for many homeowners, is a dreadful thing. Yet, if managed well, the cost of your new bathroom vanities could add valuable equity to your home. Allow your budget to guide your functional and style decisions, but don’t let your budget limit you! There are many materials to choose from, so valuable and stylish compromises are always around the corner.

At WD Smith Construction, it is our hope to provide you with a fantastic bathroom remodeling experience. Whether it is style, function, or even cost, contact us today to let us know how we can assist you in your next bathroom remodeling project!

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