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Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Add Beauty and Elegance to Your Bathroom with Easy Steps

by Posted on December 11, 2019

picture window installed in remodeled bathroom

Probably one of the most popular remodeling projects for homes is bathroom remodeling. Ideas to remodel a bathroom are numerous, but knowing which will work for you is not always easy. Here are some great tips to get you started.

Choosing a Bath Remodeling Design

Before starting your project, choose a bathroom design that fits your likes and goes along with the rest of your home decor. If the bathroom is small, find design ideas to make it appear roomier and make the most of your small space. If remodeling a larger bathroom, choose a design that’s pleasant and practical.

Install a New Bathtub and Sink

Two main features of a bathroom are the tub and sink, and you will use these daily. Replace your old tub with a new, more comfortable and efficient one. Opt for a full-size or garden tub if you enjoy soaking for a while. You can even buy tubs with a whirlpool design for the feel of a hot tub. The tub may be of ceramic tile or fiberglass, but fiberglass is generally less expensive and easier to care for.

Get a standing shower stall if you rarely take baths. This will save space if your bathroom is small. The bathtub should be made of quality materials and should be installed in such a way to reduce moisture. Get a high pressure shower head for quicker, easier showering.

If two people or several people must share the same bathroom, opt for a double sink with two faucets and added counter space. This will allow two people to brush their teeth (or fix hair) at the same time without driving one another up the wall!

Upgrade Your Toilet

Choose a new toilet with a higher seat for added comfort, and be sure the toilet is the appropriate size to fit in the area provided. Measure your old toilet and the space around it before taking it out so you can buy the correct size for the new one and have it on hand when needed.

You can buy a one-piece toilet, which is a complete unit including the tank, wax ring with sleeve, toilet seat, bowl, lid, bolts, and caps. A one-piece toilet unit is easier to clean and helps prevent leakage between the bowl and the tank. A two-piece unit is a toilet with the tank and bowl separate (doesn’t usually include a seat and lid), and is usually less expensive than the one-piece design.

Also consider whether you want a round or elongated toilet bowl shape and the type of flush system you prefer. Though most toilets are white or off-white in color, there are other colors to choose from if you’d like the toilet to complement the main colors of your bath decor.

Upgrade Lighting and Faucets

Bath remodeling isn’t complete without new lighting and faucets to enhance the look and feel of the room. Bathroom lighting should be soft and relaxing, but sufficient enough so you can see clearly while getting ready. Morning tasks such as putting on make-up can be very difficult without appropriate lighting!

Choose overhead lighting that is bright and decorative with separate vanity lights for your mirror. Buy energy-saving bulbs if possible so your lighting will last longer and save you dollars on your energy bill.

Upgrade Colors and Accessories

Bathroom remodeling ideas for colors include pastel colors for paint and darker colors for the flooring. Choose linoleum that’s of good quality and flooring wood that won’t buckle because of moisture. Also, linoleum flooring with dark patterns gives an elegant look and feel, and doesn’t show dirt as white or light colored flooring. Paint the bathroom walls with pastel colors such as light green, pale yellow, light mauve, or cinnamon for a calming effect.

Bath remodeling can also include upgrading your accessories. Add bathroom shelves with luxury bath towels, a decorative fabric shower curtain, floor mats, a bath scale, and a couple of lovely paintings to set off the room. Choose sink, tub, and shower faucets that are fancy and durable.

These bathroom remodeling ideas will give you a starting point. Use your imagination to create a new, alluring bath decor of your dreams!

by Candice Pardue

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