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4 Ideas for Kitchen Islands

by Posted on May 9, 2017

Raleigh custom kitchen remodeling

If you are considering adding a a kitchen island to your kitchen, here are 4 items to think about to help you make the most out of your kitchen island remodel project.

1. A Multi-use Island (with two tiers)

When considering kitchen remodels with islands,  you do not need to simply think of your island as a food serving and food prepping station; they can also double as great entertaining spaces and casual work areas. And there’s no better way to define those separate spaces than creating a two-tier kitchen island.

While the top tier can be used for food preparation, the lower can be dedicated to sitting and socializing.  Adding electricity will allow you and your guests to use their phones and computers without having to run to another room. You can also include a few bar stools and even pull-out drawers for work supplies and extra storage space.
2. Creative Materials: Make a Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

Granite and tile dominate kitchen design, but reclaimed wood is a gorgeous alternative that will make your kitchen island stand out. A reclaimed wood kitchen island can bring new life to something discarded while also adding more character to your space.

A live edge wood slab is a stunning way to achieve a cabin-like or rustic mood. A reclaimed wood kitchen island can even enhance a modern or contemporary home. A clean slab of burled wood with gorgeous, swirled grain surrounded with clean aesthetics will create a dramatic statement that doesn’t feel out of place.

3. Install a Kitchen Island Sink

Finally, one of the most functional kitchen island ideas you can consider is to add a kitchen island sink. Especially for those who love to cook with family or friends, an additional sink can allow for several meals to be prepared at once. It’ll also alleviate the all too common traffic jams around the sink during meal time.

4. Kitchen Island Lighting Can Make All The Difference

As with any space, lighting can make your kitchen feel dramatically more inviting, and right above your island is the perfect place for it.

Low-hanging, large pendant lights can add drama and sophistication to your kitchen island as well as the obvious practical value of the light it provides. If you have a modern or contemporary home, consider a larger pendant with a simple geometric shape. To add to your lighting, consider adding a dimmer to the switch for the lighting on your island!

Don’t just look to the ceiling for lighting –look at your floors too. Installing lighting at the foot of your kitchen island or below the countertop can add a dramatic flair. It’ll also make navigating much easier in low light.

Now that you have a head start on your kitchen island ideas, be sure to reach out to us and we can help make your kitchen island renovation a reality!

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